The primary focus for any rebel is naturally the destruction for the cause of dissatisfaction. More often than most, rebels become a self-destructing time bomb exposed by deceit, greed, and thirst for more power at the expense of the common goal. Values you and I would question when it comes to common ethical values in our day-to-day business, should we never reference the positives? When was deceit ever a negative connotation when setting our competitors on a wondering path to Neverland? When would greed ever question the board’s investment when it was the demand for more and more market share?

And power is regularly misinterpreted as a negative association in our daily lives, but who’s to say that re-wording the concept of ‘greed’, and developing the ideal formula for the monopoly of you business sector a cause for concern? Monopoly for any sector is the ‘greed’ for success, the exposure of your identity, and the presence of your perfect product or service, .The difference? The rules broken are only those in which the competitors set, never your investor!




Rebellion: regularly the association of a schoolyard bully or child, unwilling to accept the rules of society. Normality has created the common goals in life… Wake up, live well, earn a living and grow old. Ever wondered why it is that the schoolyard bully’s name is never forgotten?

Or the reasoning Sir Albert Einstein is today’s bookmark in the rules of science. With no real planning and his fathers plan for his son’s career path, Einstein rebelled with the path on becoming an electrical engineer and made the world understand theory would only become a true success with the facts backing his findings. You are only ever a rebel for cause when you can undermine the theory, develop the reasoning, and practice the revolution.




Social responsibility is never the cause to negate poverty, generate opportunities for the developing Nations ,or a few extra jobs in stimulating our local GDP. True social influence is the cause for political leaders to understand the examples set by your footprint, and manipulate that into a cause the economy understands. Understanding stimulates change, understanding motivates creativity and progresses the evolution we demand in today’s world. Simplistic base for cure develops the fundamentals for the complexities the future needs to develop trends and the footprint of a political rebel.


The forefront for our ambition: We at times forget why the bitter is so often sweet, why the sweat for gratitude of a hard day at the factory is a medal for the senses, sensibility and sanity. Awards, nominations and acknowledgements come often but for all there is always that platform to build the future…

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